ACVA Solar Pvt. Ltd. commissions first 1 MW Solar Power Plant at Surendranagar PGVCL under Gujarat Power Policy. ACVA Solar gets first Type Testing & RDSO Approval of Hybrid System for Indian Railway. ACVA Solar first Installation with Micro Inverters (MI) in India. Total generation by our system is 904241 KWH.
The Sun holds the answer to mankind's quest for a renewable and sustainable source of energy for the future. Unlike the other traditional sources of energy such as coal, gas and oil, solar energy is sustainable and non-polluting. In fact, it is the cleanest form of energy known to man. Simple, clean and efficient - that is the power of the Sun. ACVA Solar is established with the goal of developing a customer-centric and risk free technology to harness solar energy; and to help provide a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable source to meet the Energy needs of India. At ACVA Solar, we believe that the use of renewable resources is the next revolutionary step in Energy Generation, and aim to become the premier player in Solar based Photovoltaic (PV) applications in India, with Global connections.
  • Grid-Tied/Off-Grid Power Packs

    ACVA Solar's Power Packs can be custom designed with Photovoltaic modules integrated in them, which convert the solar energy directly into electricity. Our Power Packs are available with Grid-Tied as well as Off-Grid features and ensure the following:

  • Rooftops/ Standard Power Packs

    Rooftop and Standard Power Packs comprising of arrays of Photovoltaic (PV) Cells which use the solar energy directly from the Sun to generate electricity for daily use. This product comes with the following standard